Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our SG50 moment...

Do you make such an observation?

When a couple makes the announcement of expecting their first child, people normally just feel happy for them and immediately congratulates them.

Come second child… people say nice job guys…. Hope its a (different gender) this time… Congrats!

Third child… Wow… you guys are helping Singapore's population man. Or.. Power!!! Or..  the government should give you an award… still congrats!

Fourth child… WHAT? Really??? How???? or… You joking right? or… F***! No way! or… maybe the mildest one… You guys are brave! And after realizing that they are not the ones being pregnant… Congrats guys… But… Wow… no 4! (At this point, most of our friends start to imagine what's life like if they have one more child…. and then… glad it was just a thought) 

I guess after no 4… 5,6, 7 doesn't matter… Ha!

Okay.. maybe not many people can speak from experience.. because not many even pass 2 kids.. but i'm one of the privilege few who can. :)

And here's my proof…

This little one is at 12 weeks old… I'm currently at 16. :) So this little kiddo here got quite a luke-warm welcome from our friends. Don't get me wrong, not that I'm hurt.. but it does make me wonder what did i just do at times… 

But did I regret it? Hell no… in fact I'm looking forward to August to holding this baby. :) 

IF there's one lesson that this child  has taught me, it's gotta be the lesson of faith. At some point, people do ask us, how on earth do you guys cope with the expenses? It's going to change your lifestyle you know (Hahah.. at this point.. I don't even know i had one).

And i have to admit, there were times when I'm quiet, i start to wonder, "Oh my… will we be able to manage?" And moments of doubt creep in… and we start to consider.. maybe we should downgrade… or maybe we should change the preschool option for the kids… and even the fact that I should work harder before the kid comes! (Well, i did send my resume in for some jobs… just no reply)
Okay the list goes on… but we really won't have any answers… for my prayers i have said… all i hear is silence. Until one day…

Well, D and I know of families with 5, 6, 7 and even 8 children! And these are people living in Singapore, some on single income… Same race… Same religion… just different faith level. It's amazing that God gives them all the ability to earn $X.. and instead of choosing to spend 80% of what they earned, on themselves.. they chose it to spend it on what God gave them. That's the gift of generosity… And ironically, i think having more kids, taught me to be more generous… 

In our case, there are many times that some months are tight… very tight… and we are just grateful that at those times, our parents chipped in or somehow, a miracle happens and that month goes on with no issue.
So one day… I had an assurance feeling… If God gave me the ability to reproduce… He will give me the ability too to provide. :) And with that.. that's just enough to carry us through. How bad can life be? :)

I remember a priest told me… Have the number of kids that make you the best parent. So, even if it's one… who's to judge? :) But I always believe just as much as God gives you the parents He thinks are the best for you… He gives us children who are best for us… 

So… My dearest littlest one… Thank you for being another gift to us… You are really very special to me. :)

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