Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When a Math question teaches you humility… Part 3

So… for all you Audrey's supporters… I got this email from her teacher today..

Dear Michelle,

Thanks for your patience.  I have shared the alternative solution provided by Audrey and her answer can be accepted in this case.  I have informed Audrey about it before she was dismissed.

However, as mentioned, it is also important for Audrey to be familiar with the part-whole concept and be able to use both addition and subtraction equations appropriately.

I am glad we also had the opportunity to discuss Audrey's progress.  I hope she gets a good break and enjoy herself during the one-week term break.

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Lee

Through the whole episode, I am very sure she didn't know she was causing quite a sensation on the internet… To her, the Math paper was already history… Her being on time for school and having sushi during recess with her girlfriends are more important than whether the teacher appreciated or accepted her way of counting. (Boy I love her way of thinking…)

Yes, I heard some of you, the education system has its flaws but it's not unreasonable… So have a little bit more patience and faith it will be better. :)

That said, I do hope that through this sharing, it has reminded you to appreciate the little one(s) who are sent along your way… They are truly a blessing (I mean why would I have 4 if i don't think so..tsk tsk..

For those who have dropped me a message to tell me how special Audrey is, and how much you appreciated reading the blog…. Thank you… I really appreciated it. :)

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